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Small playmobil figure stood on a table with arms in the air. © 2011 Jordan Harper. All rights reserved.


Day 12 — 9 August 2010 It had been 10 days since our last indulgent day of shopping and exploring another side of Japanese culture (as opposed to ‘sight-seeing’): the mind-boggling variety of independent cafes, boutiques and concept-stores that litter … Continue reading

The sea at Takenohama with a number of bathers and mountains in the distance © 2011 Jordan Harper. All rights reserved.

Once more unto the beach

Day 9 — 6 August 2010 Horrifically sunburnt from the day before despite spending almost the whole time under the ‘shade’ of the umbrellas, we decided to take to the beach again slathered generously in sunscreen. We had noticed a … Continue reading