A fancy cocktail glass filled with a manhattan cocktail © 2011 Jordan Harper. All rights reserved.


Day 18 — 15 August 2010

After the lights of Nara, we returned to Kyoto for a couple of drinks and some food at a little yakitori place. Just after midnight (ie today) we popped into a stunning cocktail bar on the third floor of the Sfera interiors store. The interior and glassware was amazing (see above!) but I have to say I was a little disappointed in the cocktail itself — a manhattan made with Jim Beam black label? For about £16? Ouch.

Day 18 was actually a rather dull day, photography-wise, hence the slight bending of the rules in using a picture taken just after midnight. One of the few ‘pictures’ I took today was a screenshot of the weather app on my iPhone showing 45 degrees celsius — we spent a lot of the day hiding from the heat in various stores, cafes and restaurants, Cafe Independants in particular was rather nice.

Had a nice dinner at a pizza place on the river before heading to a sports bar to watch Arsenal’s opening game of the season against Liverpool — a 1am kick-off if I remember correctly. I was expecting the bar to have a few fans in, but I guess with it being holiday season it was quieter than usual and I was the only person there to watch an unremarkable game that we only salvaged in the last minute with a scrappy equaliser.

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