The sea at Takenohama with a number of bathers and mountains in the distance © 2011 Jordan Harper. All rights reserved.

Once more unto the beach

Day 9 — 6 August 2010

Horrifically sunburnt from the day before despite spending almost the whole time under the ‘shade’ of the umbrellas, we decided to take to the beach again slathered generously in sunscreen. We had noticed a large number of people at the beach wearing wetsuits, or bathing in hats, t-shirts and I swear one guy had a suit on — it was now abundantly clear why — which left us to apply the ‘when in rome’ rule and turn up to the beach wearing trousers, a long sleeved shirt, hats, gloves… if everyone else hadn’t been doing the same I’m sure we’d have looked quite mad.

Oddly, neither Liz nor I can remember a single thing about what we did for the rest of this day. I have just a handful of photos and she has none at all. Perhaps we were abducted by aliens or perhaps I shaved another carrot and the trauma caused a temporary amnesia.

Possibly not uncoincidentally this was exactly the point on the holiday that I stopped keeping a daily diary, meaning that I don’t even have that to fall back on. I guess this is the pitfall of writing this kind of blog a year after the fact — memories are not as sharp as one thinks they are. So a nice picture of the sea it is.

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